Local Weather

Kauai has varying climates. The North Shore is very tropical while the western-most part of the island is very hot and dry. So Poipu Beach on the South Shore is a wonderful combination of both. It has warm temperatures in a semi-tropical setting cooled by comforting trade winds.

In the summer Poipu temperatures range from the 80’s during the day, down to the low 70’s at night. Winter temperatures are usually in the 70’s and low 80’s during the day. Nights can hit the low to the mid 60’s. Occasional showers are brief.

Poipu's Average Weather

Poipu’s Average Weather


Things To Do

Beautiful beaches abound for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, diving or just relaxing. Enjoy championship golf courses and also tennis. Kauai has an abundance of hiking trails, or you may want to explore by kayak, bicycle, horseback, atv, or even take a helicopter ride. Shopping is always an option.


The South Shore offers a variety of restaurants from casual to elegant dining.  Grab a quick sandwich or even experience elegant, multi-course meals.  Enjoy fresh seafood, tropical fruits, local garden offerings and more.

What To Bring

As Kauai is in the tropics, cotton or other natural fiber clothing is the recommended apparel.  It can get cooler at higher elevations which may require long pants or jeans.  A sweater or jacket should also be included.

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